The mission of Alchymia is synthetically contained inside the word decoration, totally explored during fifty years of research, experiences and implementation by the founder Lucio Doro, joined by his sons as an authentic art family where everyone brings their excellence. The creative atelier, the workshop, the projects in progress are the areas where the values that Alchymia represents are showed: an art story, a compelling and engaging manner, a decorative design service aimed to the domestic market but especially to the international one, acting as a proactive partner for interior designers and architectural firms. ATELIER is about collaborative availability, design and tailor-made skills, audacity for what concerns original and unprecedented situations: this is how we manage to meet the high expectations of an increasingly demanding market, also thanks to a selected team of internal and external collaborators.


The workshop is the story of this exciting and challenging work that, day by day, lives and grows its historical peculiarity of decorative craftsmanship, within the present and looking to the future through an innovative relationship with everything you can draw from the past. Art culture, technical know-how, respect for tradition and the ability to overcome it allow Alchymia to develop innovative proposals in the field of decoration, which has already been explored in every direction over the centuries. The collection concept is based on the vision of the artist and it is achieved by using all the passion and expertise of highly professional collaborators involved in the factory activity.


Design studios and interior designers perceive Alchymia as a partner who has the skills to accomplish the artistic pieces they need to decorate the houses of final private clients. Also for that reason, Alchymia has realized creations in the most important towns all around the world leaving his imprint, unmistakable and always different but consistent with the personality and the taste of the customer.